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The Dipsy Doodle es una canción escrita por Larry Clinton en el año 1937 y que fue interpretada por primera vez por Tommy Dorsey & his orchestra siendo la vocalista Edythe Wright. Posteriormente hubo unas cuantas versiones, incluida una de Bill Halley, siendo la más famosa la de Ella Fitzgerald.

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The Dipsy Doodle’s the thing to beware
The Dipsy Doodle will get in your hair
And if it gets you, it couldn’t be worse

The things you say will come out in reverse
Like «You love I and me love you»
That’s the way the Dipsy Doodle works

The Dipsy Doodle’s easy to find
You know it’s always in back of your mind
You never know it until it’s too late
And then you’re in such a terrible state
Like «The moon jumped over the cow, hey diddle»
That’s the way the Dipsy Doodle works

Whenever you think you’re crazy
You’re just a victim of the Dipsy Doodle
Ah, but it’s not your mind that’s hazy
It’s your tongue that’s at fault, not your noodle

You better listen and try to be good
And try to do all the things that you should
The Dipsy Doodle will get you some day
You’ll think you’re crazy, the things that you’ll say
Like «Rhythm got I and hot am I»
That’s the way the Dipsy Doodle works



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